About us

Modern society is formed in the pursuit of progress and new technologies. In this crazy chase we rarely stop to appreciate the beauty of things surrounding us, works of art, which contain the traditions of centuries and patterns of many generations.

In a world of mass production and globalization there must remain a place for folk forms of art. For each product produced by nifty craftsmen not only keeps a piece of soul and energy of the master, but also reflects the culture and history of nations, as well as the character and worldview of its people. Our work is aimed to preserve crafts, support unique artists, promote traditional handicrafts of different national cultures. Trying to do so, we have been participating in various exhibitions and fairs all over the world for more than 20 years. We acquaint visitors of these events with the products of craftsmanship and traditional arts of Ukraine , Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Andrey’s Gifts From Afar selects artists and their works with a fair sense of responsibility keeping in mind the cultural range of the countries where the exhibitions and fairs are held.

Our goal is  to save the unique folk crafts, to revive forgotten traditions, to cultivate love and respect for the hand made works of art created by generations of artisans and make them available to everyone.

Santa Claus big hand painted nesting doll

Christmas tree hand painted nesting doll

Hand carved wooden santa

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